Winnipeg, Manitoba

Abesco Ltd. is a structural steel fabricator located in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. Abesco provides prefabricated structural steel sections for large buildings. Some highlight projects that Abesco has completed are Walmart stores and a Simplot potato processing plant.

The building is an industrial weld shop, with over 9000 square feet of shop space. Abesco also uses oxyacetylene cutters, and many other steel fabrication tools.


A Tempeff RG 13000 DualCore® unit was selected to deliver ventilation air to the building. The unit used exhaust air from the main space, and returned ventilation air to the same space.

A gas fired duct heater was used to raise the air temperature after the DualCore® unit to 70F (21.1C). This was an industrial application as weld shops typically exhaust significant amounts of fumes and particulates.

86% Temperature Efficiency

During testing the DualCore® unit had a peak efficiency of 86%. The shop currently runs 1- 8 hour shift and 1-10 hour shift per day, 5 days a week, thus over the period of a year the owner can expect to realize energy savings of over $18,000. Over the average life expectancy of this equipment, this translates into energy savings of over $660,000 for the owner.

Due to frequent use of large overhead doors, the return temperature fluctuated between 62F (16.8C.) and 69.5F (20.8C). The supply temperature tracked these fluctuations; however the variations were smoother than the return temperature. The supply temperature after the DualCore® unit ranged from 52F (11.1C) and 57.5F (14.2C).

All of this high performance occurred on a very cold March day, where outdoor temperatures hovered around -2F (-19C). This clearly reflects the superior performance of the DualCore® system, where it can operate at very low ambient temperatures, without defrost mechanisms that reduce energy recovery, and constantly deliver extremely high temperature efficiency!