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We’re passionate
about purpose

We believe in challenging the status quo, driven from a desire to pursue new possibilities. We view problems as opportunities for improvement and new understanding. Tempeff began when we recognized a need for better heat recovery solutions and took the initiative to pursue the solution with tenacity and a heart for excellence. This commitment to intentional innovation with a desire for positive change, launched our company, generated our first success, and continues to propel us forward.

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What we do

World class energy
recovery solutions

We are in the pursuit of creating healthy air environments with a long-term goal of creating sustainable energy solutions, so we understand the importance of respecting our earth and taking environmentalism seriously. We aim to be responsible corporate citizens through sustainable techniques, waste reduction, and intentional use of resources. Our technology makes a real and measurable difference in reducing our collective carbon footprint - one building at a time.

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What people are saying

“We have utilized Tempeff units in numerous projects, ranging from high-rise office, to a regional post sorting facility, to manufacturing facilities. The performance of the units, coupled with the ability to add options, have made it our choice for projects with heavy outside air or exhaust requirements. This equipment has helped us meet and exceed our clients energy efficiency requirements”

John H. Guenther ~ Nova 3 Engineering

“We have used the Tempeff energy recovery units on a number of projects. The units have been installed in a variety of configurations to meet our needs. The inherent defrost mechanism in the unit is a definite plus in the environmental conditions where we have used them, no need to pre-heat or go through an efficiency robbing defrost cycle.”

Stirling Walkes ~ SMS Engineering


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Our team members are dedicated to providing you with fast, friendly service and dedicated support. Whether you have a question, a concern, or want help browsing our products we can help you every step of the way.

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