Turning up the Heat on Energy Recovery

Tempeff can trace its roots back to the late 1970's when the DualCore® Technology was pioneered in Europe. Building on this history we are pleased to offer the highest quality energy recovery equipment with the highest efficiency available.We are continually innovating, with new designs on the horizon that will assure Tempeff customers are getting the best value possible.


LEEDing the way. We’re proud to be a part of many LEED projects. (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design).

Lifecycle Analysis

A lifecycle cost analysis of DualCore® based on the Hunting Energy study reveals:
Sensible Efficiency
Dollars over 20 years
Life Cycle Cost Savings
Dollars per year
Heating Costs
Net Present Value

We think ahead

“At Tempeff, the purpose of our business is to provide building owners with consistent long term energy recovery from their heat recovery systems. Our mission is to share with the HVAC World the nature of our equipment, it’s capabilities and to challenge them to consider our technology – the most efficient, frost resistant technology available today.”

Garth Evans, P. Eng.

Founder, Tempeff

See what our partners are saying

We have utilized Tempeff units in numerous projects, ranging from high-rise office, to a regional post sorting facility, to manufacturing facilities. The performance of the units, coupled with the ability to add options, have made it our choice for projects with heavy outside air or exhaust requirements. This equipment has helped us meet and exceed our clients energy efficiency requirements.

John H. GuentherNova 3 Engineering Ltd.

We have used the Tempeff energy recovery units on a number of projects. The units have been installed in a variety of configurations to meet our needs. The inherent defrost mechanism in the unit is a definite plus in the environmental conditions where we have used them, no need to pre-heat or go through an efficiency robbing defrost cycle.

Stirling WalkesSMS Engineering