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Any building owner or operator knows that due to the extreme North American climate, conditioning ventilation air is very expensive. Ventilation air is extremely important to ensure the building is healthy and in turn the occupants are healthy and productive. Thanks to Tempeff DualCore® high efficiencies, owners can meet or exceed minimum legislated ventilation requirements, without the usual high operating costs of traditional ventilation heating and cooling equipment.

DualCore® technology challenges the status quo heat recovery technologies on the market today by being frost resistant and of the highest efficiency available. Due to its inherent design, our technology does not give frost the opportunity to build up, and instead results in constant energy recovery day in and day out. This solves the age-old problem of energy robbing defrost strategies, while at the same time offering superior energy efficiency, regardless of outdoor air temperatures.

DualCore Benefits

How DualCore® Works

The DualCore® system employs two energy cores that deliver extremely high, frost resistant energy recovery. Units can be applied wherever ventilation air is required. DualCore® units meet or exceed ASHRAE 62 - 2010 standards for cross leakage rates, and are an excellent solution for energy recovery in ventilation applications.

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DualCorePlus Benefits

DualCore Performance Calculator

For DualCore® Energy Analysis Peformance Calculator please see desktop.

DualCore Performance Calculator

Outdoor Air
Air Flow 6500 SCFM
Face Velocity 371 ft/min
Pressure Drop 0.72 in WC
Dry Bulb °f
Wet Bulb °f
Humidity Ratio 84.4 gr/lb
Rel. Humidity 76.9 %
Dew Point 62.5°f
Enthalpy 30.0 BTU/lb
Face Area 17.5 ft2
Minimum Airflow 3,507 SCFM
Maximum Airflow 8,769 SCFM
Flow Imbalance 0%
Error Messages
Units requireing an EA to SA imbalance greater than 20% please contact your Rep.
Wet bulb too high.
Return Air
Air Flow 6500 SCFM
Face Velocity 371 ft/min
Pressure Drop 0.72 in WC
Dry Bulb °f
Wet Bulb °f
Humidity Ratio 64.4 gr/lb
Rel. Humidity 49.8 %
Dew Point 55.1°f
Enthalpy 28.1 BTU/lb
Supply Air
Dry Bulb 73.8°f
Wet Bulb 66.2°f
Humidity Ratio 84.4 gr/lb
Rel. Humidity 67.5%
Dew Point 62.5°f
Enthalpy 30.9 BTU/lb
Approx. Motor Info
Required BHP 4.59 4
Motor Efficiency 89.5% 89.5%
Summer Performance
  Efficiency BTU/h
Sensible 77% 26,985
Latent 0% 0
Total -50 26,985

*Estimated Performance based on 60 sec cycles.

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