Casper Wyoming

Located in Casper Wyoming, “The Hunting Energy Project” was designed for a building used for servicing oil and gas mining equipment.

The Challenge:

The nature of the facility required a high ventilation rate, to improve both the quality of the work environment as well as productivity.

The Problem:

How to improve ventilation without breaking the bank.

The Process:

The Engineer of record, using all the resources available to him, performed a detailed economic analysis. He compared three commercial options: DualCore®, Standard Technology and a Standard MUA.

By Analyzing First Cost, Annual Operating Cost, Payback, Internal Rate of Return (IRR) and most importantly Total Present Worth ( Net Present Value) a complete Life Cycle cost was performed.

When operated at a 24/7 duty cycle, the results were impressive.

The Conclusion:

The Tempeff DualCore® ERV was the only true option. The equipment clearly showed the best Life Cycle Value. The Net Present Value was almost half of the compared alternate ERV. The DualCore® operating cost is 69.5% lower than the alternate ERV and 83% less than a standard make-up air unit.

The Result:

On the strength of the Engineer’s detailed analysis, Hunting Energy purchased Two Tempeff DualCore® Energy Recovery Units.